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Online Avid Pro Tools PT100 Class

Pro Tools Fundamentals Course $299.00

Avid Pro Tools Online Course. With 20 Video Tutorials in Music Production, Recording, Mixing...

ProMedia Training is an Official Authorized Avid Training Center for Pro Tools Certification since 2002. This is our fundamentals course for new users. Please visit our website for Certification courses at

  • Pro Tools Software Installation

  • Connecting Your Equipment

  • Learn how to Record & Edit Music, Vocals, Instruments,etc.

  • Learn Midi Sequencing &Virtual Instruments

  • Learn How to Start Mixing, FX Sends, Automation

  • Free Live-Online 1-Day Class Pass With Instructor in our Group classes

Online Pro Tools Training - Learn Pro Tools Now! Promedia has trained thousands in Pro Tools from beginners to experts.


Course curriculum

  • 1

    Pro Tools Online Training PT100

    • Intro to Pro Tools Training

    • Lesson 01: Starting Pro Tools

    • Download Pro Tools Session and Sample Library

    • Lesson 02: Getting To Know Pro Tools

    • Lesson 03: Configuring Your Pro Tools Session

    • Lesson 04: Tools and Edit Modes

    • Lesson 05: Transport Window

    • Lesson 06: Creating Pro Tools Sessions

    • Lesson 07: Recording Audio (Part 1)

    • Lesson 08: Recording Audio (Part 2)

    • Lesson 09: Importing Audio

    • Lesson 10: Understanding MIDI

    • Lesson 11: Working With The MIDI Editor

    • Lesson 12: Editing, Navigating, and Selecting

    • Lesson 13: Editing Selections

    • Lesson 14: Mixing and Automation Concepts (Part 1)

    • Lesson 15: Mixing and Automation Concepts (Part 2)

    • Lesson 16: Mixing and Automation Concepts (Part 3)

    • Lesson 17: Mixing and Automation Concepts (Part 4)

    • Lesson 18: Master Fader Control and Bounce Setup

    • Lesson 19: Creating a Final Mix and Session Backup

    • BONUS MATERIAL: Mixing with Kevin Churko

Your Instructor

Mihai Boloni

Mihai Boloni is a talented audio engineer, and long-time Pro Tools educator who is fortunate to draw from over a decade of experience in the music production industry. Mihai is a Certified Expert Instructor since 2002, who has an array of Pro Tools experience, which ranges from composition to post-production. As an industry professional, he knows first-hand the value of Pro Tools mastery for artists, producers and engineers. As an instructor he loves sharing that value with his students in order to foster solid opportunities in artistry and creativity. Mihai has traveled the globe to work one on one with top producers, TV, Radio, Universities, including the hit TV show, The Voice, in which he taught the show's lead engineer how to double workflow production to support their immense throughput needed.  Whether you are a beginning, or a lifelong Pro Tools user, Mihai always keeps you on the cutting edge of the latest technology

Pricing options - One Time Fee

Enjoy unlimited video access of PT100 for your own personal use. For info 888-277-0457. Great preparation for our Live Online Advanced Pro Tools Courses and official Avid Certification. Visit for details.

Client Testimonials

“ProMedia’s training was perfect for me. It was very powerful to witness the teacher’s skills and knowledge. His style of teaching is very impressive. I like that I am now part of a network of Pro Tools Pros and can get answers when I need them. It was a great experience to live with the software and nothing else for a period of time. I really came to understand how fast this technology is moving and that training is so essential for me and my Department. Thanks again.”

University of Windsor, Dept. of Communications

“The Pro Tools and Mixing training was intense and truly a one-in-a-lifetime experience. The scope of the instructor's knowledge is amazing. I've loved telling my other audio geek friends about the class.”

Kentucky PBS

“It was extremely advantageous for us to attend these classes. This is the kind of training that any serious professional should attend to be able to build your skills in such a short period of time.”

Ocean VU Studio

“Your courses gave me great hands-on experience. I would highly recommend these courses to all organizations using Pro Tools. ”

Atlanta Public School System

“"Doubled my workflow efficiency"”

"The Voice" - Mike Bernard Lead Audio Engineer

“"The instructor had a deep knowledge of all subject matter related to our company. The class was very valuable for me and my team."”

Telemundo Networks

“"Not enough space here to write about what I liked about both (course and instructor). It will make a big difference in how I do my job.””

Joyce Meyer Ministries

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About Us

Since 2002, ProMedia Training has been the leader in Certified Avid Pro Tools Training, teaching thousands in our U.S. centers. We took our most effective training methods to bring you our exclusive PRO TOOLS ONLINE TRAINING. This course is taught by leading Expert Certified Avid Instructor, Mihai Boloni, who also consults in expert training for “The Voice,” CNN, NBC and top studios around the globe. With 20 video lessons, many hours of instruction, and your own practice Pro Tools session to download with over 50 tracks by Billboard Charting Artist and Producer (see how the pros do it), you will learn how to record, edit and so much more. For Questions or Further info, feel free to call us at 888-277-0457 or email us at: